Who we are

Our aim is to provide our customers with a highly effective range of joint and health supplements for their pets where the benefits can be seen. Helping to keep their pets healthy, active and free in motion, giving our customers the trust and belief in our product range. 

We are FREE MOTION PETS Limited registered in England with company number 10942488. We are the UK distributors of the pet supplement product range made by the Swedish company EUROPEAN PET PHARMACY. 

Our registered office address is: Free Motion Pets Ltd., Units Scf 1&2 Southcore, Western International Market, Hayes Road, Southall, Middlesex, England, UB2 5XJ. Please do not write to us at this address. You can write to us at: 78 Pembury Crescent, Sidcup, Kent, England, DA14 4QD.

You can also contact us by email: info@europeanpetpharmacy.co.uk and by phone on +44 7841988647 or +44 7737151674.

We are dog owners that have over 30 year’s experience living with and being very active within the Rottweiler breed, including showing, breeding, training and competing in dog sports successfully at international level. From these experiences we know the importance of supplementing our dog’s food to compensate for what regular everyday meals don’t provide to help keep our dogs in good health and tip top shape. By being involved in the dog world for so many years we have come to know 1000’s of dogs from all different breeds and know that all breeds of dog will come to suffer with joint problems at some stage in their life and need extra support through nutrition to help keep them active and free in motion. This could be at times when they are young and growing or when suffered a trauma/injury or during increased strain through extra activity/work or going into old age. We know the market is flooded with joint supplements for our pets but from our experience we found it very hard to find a high-quality product with a high quantity of ingredient at an affordable price and that could give effective results. Then we found the EUROPEAN PET PHARMACY supplements.

EUROPEAN PET PHARMACY pet products are developed and manufactured in Sweden by a family run business who are also active dog breeders and international competitors in dog sport and shows. Their pet supplements have taken Europe by storm with many dog enthusiasts involved in showing, breeding and competitive dog sports using their supplements with success. They have distributors in most countries in western Europe and now also America, showing success, which is testament to the quality of their supplements and the positive results seen by pet owners, active dog sport competitors and dog breeders. 

Made in Sweden, European Pet Pharmacy pet supplements are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients, at the highest quantity which is most optimal for our pets, reducing wastage making them affordable and effective!