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pigment, skin, coat, immune, immune boost, Norwegian kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, powder, seaweed powder


Kelp for dogs - 500g


A nutritional supplement to promote your dogs internal and external health. European Pet Pharmacy’s Kelp for dogs is a complementary feed packed full with nutrients that contains anti-oxidants vitamin A and Vitamin E, minerals and amino aci..

rehydration, electrolytes, recovery, stomach, digestion, vomiting, diarrhoea


Rehydration for dogs - 400g


Electrolytes for quick recovery. European Pet Pharmacy’s Rehydration for dogs is designed to give your dog immediate nourishment and the most important electrolytes needed for recovery from dehydration, heat stroke, acute diarrhoea etc. It ..

senior, old dog, arthritis, hip, joint aid, powder, joint tablets, green lipped mussel, spirulina, immune boost, immune


Senior for dogs - 310g


For a healthy and mobile senior pet. For dogs over the age of 7 years. European Pet Pharmacy’s Senior for dogs is a carefully selected mixture of powerful nutrients that are essential for aiding older dogs with developing joint conditi..

blood powder, green lipped mussel, salmon oil, multiflex, fish oil, show, coat, recovery, muscle


Show Dog (SAVE £8)


Show DogThis bundle is tailored to suit Show dogs that need to look and perform at their best. It consists of Kelp, Salmon Oil, Green Lipped Mussel and Blood Powder.Show dogs need to look and perform at their best on a regular basis throughout the ye..

sport, active dog, working dog, powder, increase, recovery, amino-acids,


Sport for dogs - 270g


For hard working dogs. European Pet Pharmacy’s Sport for dogs is an especially combined mix including MSM, vitamin C and amino acids, contributing to faster recovery after exercise and increased muscle mass. Hard working dogs are at the ris..

teeth, teeth cleaner, plaque off, plaque, plaque remover


Anti Plaque for dogs - 335g


For healthy gums and teeth.European Pet Pharmacy’s Anti Plaque for dogs is a specially combined mix of ingredients that helps with prevention of plaque tartar and bad breath. Anti Plaque strengthens the dogs teeth, kills germs, prevents periodo..

blood, pregnant, pregnant female, pregnant bitch, pigment, pigment improver, muscle builder, recovery, energy, skin, coat


Blood powder for dogs - 800g


For an improved coat, increased muscle mass and pregnant female dogs European Pet Pharmacy’s Blood powder for dogs is highly recommended if you want your dog to have a thick, dense and shiny coat. Blood powder also promotes the regeneration..

puppy, joints, joint aid, puppy joint aid, young dogs, dog, anti-inflammatories, anti, powder


JuniorFlex for puppies


For young growing dogs. European Pet Pharmacy's JuniorFlex is designed for puppies and young dogs from 5 months old. JuniorFlex contains Green Lipped Mussel and Vitamin C to help boost the immune system and promote the correct structure and func..

powder, tablets, green lipped mussel, glucosamine, MSM, joint aid, joint supplement, working dog, sport, sport dog, chondroitin, anti-inflammatory


Multiflex for dogs - 200 tablets


For an active and mobile life. European Pet Pharmacy’s Multiflex for dogs is a carefully selected mixture of powerful nutrients that are essential for keeping healthy and fully functional joints throughout an active life. Unrivalled by othe..

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