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Sport Dog (SAVE £13)

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Highly recommended for highly active dogs such as Sport and Working dogs, helping to support their bodies during the times of increased physical demand.

Sport Dog

This bundle is tailored to suit Sport and Working dogs that have a higher physical demand and the need to perform at their best. It consists of Sport, MultiFlex and Rehydration.

Sport and Working dogs are in need of extra nutrition to support their body and work efforts during the extra training and fitness regimes.Therefore, we recommend our "Sport Dog" Bundle to ensure that your dog benefits from highly nutritional supplements beneficial to maintaining/building muscle mass, increasing endurance, faster recovery and good joint health. 

European Pet Pharmacy’s Sport 270g is an especially combined mix including MSM, vitamin C and amino acids, contributing to faster recovery after exercise and increased muscle mass. Hard working dogs are at the risk of not getting enough amino acids (protein), leading to lack of muscle mass. Sport is to be given to hard working dogs in a preventative measure during very active periods.

European Pet Pharmacy’s Multiflex 310g is a carefully selected mixture of powerful nutrients that are essential for keeping healthy and fully functional joints throughout an active life. Unrivalled by other brands and with fast and effective results European Pet Pharmacy's Multiflex works to soothe joints and supplies the building blocks for joint structure including cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bone cells, contributing to an active, pain free and more mobile life for your pet.Multiflex is recommended for active dogs to help prevent joint conditions and soothe already aching and stiff joints from hard work and play.

European Pet Pharmacy’s Rehydration 400g is designed to give your pet immediate nourishment and the most important electrolytes needed for faster recovery from hard work and play. It is also useful to help with the recovery from the effects of dehydration, heat stroke, acute diarrhoea etc.