Car cover, aluminet, sunscreen, silver shade, sun reflector, shade cloth, heat reflector

Silver Shade (Medium)

  • £60.00

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Medium silver shade to help create a cooler environment and keep your pet out of the direct sunlight. 

The unique netting material used to make our Silver Shades is made from the higher grade available which reflects 90% of the Sun's rays as apposed to other lesser grade materials available which reflect 70% of the Sun's rays and are less durable. The Silver Shade material is highly effective in creating a cooler environment by working to provide a well shaded area, reflecting harmful rays, whilst also allowing crucial airflow, which allows any heat build up to escape.

Our Silver Shades come with a carry bag and are finished with an edging that has eyelets at regular intervals to allow for easy tying down when in use.

Size: Medium (3.6m x 1.8m)