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Senior Dog (SAVE £6.00)

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Highly recommended for older dogs suffering the effects of old age or developing joint conditions. It provides a combination of powerful ingredients to ensure that the positive effects on the dog can be seen, helping them to be more active and healthy.

Senior Dog

This bundle is tailored to suit old and tiring dogs. It consists of Senior and Salmon Oil.

Older dogs start to suffer with a weakening immune system and stiff and aching joints, often due to the effects of Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis and other musculoskeletal issues linked to old age or previous injuries. Therefore, we recommend our "Senior Dog" Bundle to help support older dogs activity and well-being into and through old age.

European Pet Pharmacy’s Senior 310g is a carefully selected mixture of powerful nutrients that are essential for aiding older dogs with developing joint conditions and weakening immune systems. Unrivalled by other brands by it's selective choice of ingredients which are of the highest grade and highest absorbency forms suited to dogs available, giving fast and effective results. European Pet Pharmacy's Senior works to soothe joints and supplies the building blocks for joint structure including cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bone cells, contributing to an active, pain free and more mobile life for your senior pet.

With 8 different ingredients in 1 product that are beneficial to joint health, the bodies regeneration of cells and the immune system, you can be sure of the positive results from this supplement.

European Pet Pharmacy’s Salmon oil 500ml contains healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and supports a healthy cardiac and vascular system. The salmon oil will contribute to a shinier, healthier and thicker coat as well as promoting normal function in the animal’s joints. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to the regeneration and function of the body’s cells and are known to help with many age related health concerns. 

With these 2 supplements combined, our Senior Dog Bundle offers many well known and highly effective ingredients at high dosages to ensure that your dog feels their benefits.

For dogs already suffering the effects of old age we advise to give a double dose for 4-6 weeks to replenish your dogs natural reserves which often become depleted in older dogs or when suffering stress or trauma.