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blood powder, green lipped mussel, salmon oil, multiflex, fish oil, show, coat, recovery, muscle


Show Dog (SAVE £8)


Show DogThis bundle is tailored to suit Show dogs that need to look and perform at their best. It consists of Kelp, Salmon Oil, Green Lipped Mussel and Blood Powder.Show dogs need to look and perform at their best on a regular basis throughout the ye..

senior, old dog, arthritis, hip, joint aid, powder, joint tablets, green lipped mussel, spirulina, immune boost, immune


Senior Dog (SAVE £6.00)


Senior DogThis bundle is tailored to suit old and tiring dogs. It consists of Senior and Salmon Oil.Older dogs start to suffer with a weakening immune system and stiff and aching joints, often due to the effects of Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis and oth..

sport, active dog, working dog, powder, increase, recovery, amino-acids, multiflex, rehydration, yumove, joint aid


Sport Dog (SAVE £13)


Sport DogThis bundle is tailored to suit Sport and Working dogs that have a higher physical demand and the need to perform at their best. It consists of Sport, MultiFlex and Rehydration.Sport and Working dogs are in need of extra nutrition to support..

puppy, joints, joint aid, puppy joint aid, young dogs, dog, anti-inflammatories, anti


Puppy Dog (SAVE £7)


Puppy DogThis bundle is tailored to suit young and growing puppies. It consists of Vitamin C and Green Lipped Mussel.Puppies are developing their immune and musculoskeletal systems and are therefore more at risk of catching infectious diseases, expe..

Car cover, aluminet, sunscreen, silver shade, sun reflector, shade cloth, heat reflector


Silver Shade (Large) + Rehydration (SAVE...


Silver Shade (4.2m x 3.7m) helps to create a cooler environment and keep your pet out of direct sunlight by blocking 90% of the Suns rays and allowing important airflow.The unique netting material used to make our Silver Shades is made from the ..

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